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Oh the hard rain came and kept on falling,
and down it will fall right to our bloody end.
It's a fool's hope for anyone to hear you calling,
from the cardboard cut-out castle you defend.

It's a tall pedestal for technology as new world order,
and the new iron curtain descends upon the mental border.

And each child will learn that they must be the best, whatever that is,
Here out West.

To the middle of the East well a not so different beast is forming,
and the Ayatollah sits with a loose cannon at his side.
At his majesty's request oh the prayers are chanted every morning,
and a missile flies best carrying the word of god inside.

Invent an army of drugs, just to declare war on them.
Send forth the hired guns, when you're needing a friend.
It's never been a question of if, just a matter of when.
Just as the atom splits, the paradigm will bend-

And break under the continental shift, so place your bets,
Here out West.
Win at all costs and trample on the rest, discard what's left,
Here out West.
And each child will learn that they must be the best, whatever that is,
Here out West.


from Here Out West Mini E​.​P., released October 16, 2012
Music by Jack Mullinger, Perry Neech, Tom Young, & Grant Marsh.


Produced by Kris Harris



all rights reserved




Bringing you apocalyptic country & western for existentially twisted Jesus freaks and the psychologically stable insane, Arthur Gun are the intrepid pioneers of the dystopian present here to take you on a trip through the folk-rock wilderness.

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