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In melancholy ponder, I'm treading water in the ground.
Is it worth the swim I wonder, when it's much easier to drown.
Well It's a sorry curse I'm under, to walk this world of upside down,
To lead a life of constant squander slowly wilting on dry land, unfound.

And it's just you, amidst the dark of Desolation Now.

An age of unreason, lurks behind every closed door,
An intellectual treason, to conquer all that's gone before.
The writings no longer on the wall, it's laying trampled on the floor,
And no light concludes the tunnel, just dirt and ash forever more.

And it's just you, amidst the dark of Desolation Now.

Only reduction's constant, every birth mark will fade.
Why kid yourself it counts about the choices you have made.
And faith's just an exploitation, of all the misery at hand-
But then a world without corruption, is like an arm without a hand.

So cast your futile self aside and chase your health into the ground.
It's unsafe to say this twisted little place has been made the wrong way round.
A suburbia of the mind at large, a price on every grain of sand,
And a million commandments couldn't save this broken land.

It's just you, alone in Desolation Now,
It's just you, fading out, in Desolation Now.


from Here Out West Mini E​.​P., released October 16, 2012
Music by Jack Mullinger, Perry Neech, Tom Young, & Grant Marsh.
Words by Jack Mullinger.


Produced by Kris Harris.



all rights reserved




Bringing you apocalyptic country & western for existentially twisted Jesus freaks and the psychologically stable insane, Arthur Gun are the intrepid pioneers of the dystopian present here to take you on a trip through the folk-rock wilderness.

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